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How to get your spare room rented (contract template included)

You might be forced to rent one of your spare rooms to be able to afford the mortgage or you might use it to build your financial advantage. Renting a room in Ireland can be a fantastic opportunity to drastically improve your finances, because it offsets your housing costs and provides great tax benefits due to rent a room relief . If you are still on the fence about doing this, you might read more about the benefits of this approach in my previous post . Anyway, how do you get this actually done? It is not very hard, but it takes some work to get it done properly and I hope you will find those tips helpful! I break the process into the following steps: 1. Getting the room ready 2. Advertising 3. Viewings and tenant screening 4. Contracts and other documents Getting the room ready You should first start with emptying the room from things that don't belong there and making any necessary repairs, such as painting. Then you should think about what will be required in the room, e.g. do