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How did I get into real estate investing?

The pressing need for investing I have always been a saver. I would stash away the cash I got for birthdays and other occasions since I can remember. I saved up money through high school, I saved significant parts of my paychecks from all my jobs in Poland (where I come from). Obviously I would sometimes spend some of that money, but I had a solid habit of saving. When I moved to Ireland at the end of 2015, my Polish savings suddenly became much smaller - I got hit by the fact that now the one month of apartment rent was approximately 4.5 times higher (and let's not forget about the deposit!). Even though my salary was much higher than in Poland, the cost of living was also significantly higher and very high taxes surprised me. Proportionally to the cost of living I needed a much higher buffer. Anyways, I spent 2016 and 2017 adjusting to the new job, new country and I continued my habit of savings. The company I work at also gives its employees stock as part of the compensation. In