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Degiro vs Interactive Brokers - my experiences

If you are new to investing you might be asking yourself how to do it and which broker to use. In Europe there are a bunch of popular ones, but for serious investing people usually recommend either Degiro or Interactive Brokers. This blogpost is not an ultimate guide to those two products, I’m just a normal investor and I want to share some of my experiences. I also only use the web desktop versions as I don’t want to do investing (or trading) from mobile. Your mileage might vary. Why Interactive Brokers and Degiro are good options for your brokerage? Trusted companies - not likely to disappear Work across different countries (easy to transfer assets if you move countries and support different tax regimens) Low fees (there use to be a regular fee for Interactive Brokers for accounts with assets below 100k, but it’s no longer the case) Access to many different investment products My history of using Degiro and Interactive Brokers I started stock investing with degiro. I have a basic acc

How I ended up with an overly complex portfolio

If I exclude employee pension contributions, as of October 2021 I’ve been investing for a little over three years. I didn’t know where to start and it seemed risky and complicated. Funnily enough I think I was much more anxious about paying taxes correctly than losing money. I had this unjustified confidence in myself that I will make good, rational decisions regarding the investments, but filling the tax forms correctly… oh my! In this post I will describe my investing journey and how I ended up with an overly complex portfolio. I hope you'll enjoy it! Early beginnings I started with a clean slate. Or, almost. I had stocks of the company that I work for. They give employees stocks as part of the compensation - it's called Restricted Stock Units ( RSUs ). But apart from that, the best experience with investing I had was having a savings account with a tiny interest. I knew very little about real estate investing at first. No one in my close family did it, none of my friends did